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Create Big Data Success in the Cloud

18 Mar Create Big Data Success in the Cloud

A lot has been said about the opportunities that Big Data can bring.


For instance, people’s interaction on social media can help retailers pinpoint exactly what consumers want at the time when they are most likely to take action. In the same manner, updated and real-time SKU data from various outlets and warehouses can assist manufacturers in determining optimal prices that maximize profit while managing inventory. Or, customer data can allow businesses to easily identify which clients bring in the most sales and/or the most profit.


These are only a few of the many potential uses of Big Data. But being able to capture the its full value is easier said than done. Thanks to the cloud however, creating a successful big data strategy is no longer an insurmountable task even for smaller businesses.


With cloud-based applications, Big Data analytics is no longer just limited to the few large corporations who have the financial resources to deploy sophisticated technologies for storage, computing, and business intelligence (BI) tools. The challenge of effectively utilizing Big Data has been deemed as an ideal case for cloud computing because it requires having to draw on tons of unorganized data sets using vast computing power.


Now this is exactly what the cloud offers, but in a less complicated and more cost-effective process than if an enterprise were to mount these requirements by itself. Cloud computing services provide the hardware, software, storage, and networking resources needed for massive data analysis on a scalable, pay-as-you-go approach. When business intelligence is made available in this manner, high-performance analytics that’s suitable for handling Big Data is within reach for most enterprises.


In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, valuable data may well be the key factor to help you gain that edge over competition. Cloud-based analytic solutions can help organizations across all industries turn raw, complex data into relevant, insightful information.

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