Online Storage | Broadcast Video Backup
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Broadcast Video Backup

Ensuring broadcast and archived videos are properly stored and backed-up is an essential component of broadcast media firms the world over. Having immediate access to previously broadcasted video allows you and your company the flexibility of being able to provide meaningful content to your current audience. Such videos also represent historical memories whose preservation is essential to maintaining a historical legacy for your area.

We work with broadcast professionals at encoding and migrating your analog and digital media assets to the cloud where they are stored on redundant servers for your later access and retrieval. That means that when it comes time to reference a past event, your broadcast agency can do a quick search of your available archives, find applicable media files and use them on-the-fly to provide spice and engagement along with current content.

As your data files grow, our scale-able solution follows-suit, allowing you to have the storage you need. In addition, our content and archival specialists continue to push the latest cloud-based updated to your servers–whether remote or in house–ensuring your media assets will be accessible for years to come.

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