Online Storage | Enterprise Storage & Backup
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Enterprise Storage & Backup

Let us help you with a custom-tailored quote for your project.

Corporate and non-profit organizations today are nearly overwhelmed by the massive and growing amount of data which needs stored, managed and effectively archived for future use. The difficulty in finding a specific solution that works with existing architecture, but requires little up front expenditure can be difficult at best. That’s why we’ve created an affordable yet powerful solution for today’s digital storage needs. Coupled with a simple management console, our system allows IT generalists within your organization to perform tasks normally set aside for complex IT consultants and internal experts.

Give yourself, your customers and your employees access to some of the most advanced cloud-based storage tools available on the market today. Forget Web 1.0 storage and FTP archival solutions. Contact us to get a personalized price quote and so we can answer the questions you may have.

Enterprise Features
  • Storage Pool Utilization Management
  • Rapid Provisioning and Volume Management
  • NIC Bonding and iSCSI Bandwidth Management
  • Automated Snapshots and Multiple Instance History Monitoring
  • Advanced RBAC Security Management
  • Add/Remove Storage Hosts and Cluster Groups
  • Creating NFS Network Shares
  • Multi-Tenancy Management