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26 Mar How Secure Is Online Storage?

Consumers and small businesses who are utilizing online storage and backup instead of, or in addition to, traditional on-premise storage solutions are experiencing for themselves the benefits of online storage: convenience, flexible and cost-effective pricing, easier sharing and collaboration, automatic backup option, and scalability of...

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07 Oct Tier 1 IaaS Providers

Tier 1 Cloud Computing Providers Accenture,, Broadcom, EMC, Juniper Networks, Quanta, Rackspace, and VMware IaaS Providers Amazon EC2 BlueLock vCloud Enki Computing Utility Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform Flexiscale GoGrid Cloud Hosting Google App Engine iomart Hosting Joyent Cloud Layered Tech Microsoft Windows Azure Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network Rackspace Cloud Terremark Enterprise Cloud V-Cloud Enterprise VMware vCloud API...

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20 Jun What Does FCoE Stand For?

Fibre Channel over Ethernet is to Fibre Channel as TCP/IP is to iSCSI. They are the different protocols used to transfer data over a network connection. Unlike iSCSI Fibre Channel uses Ethernet Cabling to transfer data files. Like iSCSI storage, Fiber Channel often requires its...

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