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19 Jul FCoE vs iSCSI, what are they?

Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI are two very comparable storage networking protocols and architectures. Here we are going to compare the two. This is a continuing discussion of this post. FCoE is a dedicated architecture standardized in 1994. Currently, it's set up with dedicated...

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26 Jun What is iSCSI?

What is iSCSI? iSCSI stands for Internet SCSI and it’s an Internet Protocol storage networking standard for connecting data storage hardware between remote locations.  The protocol transports SCSI commands over IP networks.  iSCSI can transmit data over local area networks, wide area networks, metro area networks...

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02 Jun What is a LUN?

A LUN is a logical unit number. The operation of  LUN on SAN storage (or tape storage if you are somewhat old school) is to help organize your RAID hardware disk array, giving you easier access to your data that is stored across the array....

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02 Mar Cloud Computing And Communications

Cloud computing can have many applications. Take the case of communications, with the available software and necessary infrastructure we can replace old systems and place new ones that provide much better performance.  Aspect and Dell have partnered to be able to provide Unified Communication solutions...

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28 Feb The Enemy Within

The internet and online data storage has proven to be a boon for businesses. Now there is a way to store data and have on-demand software service that can be tailor-fitted to the size and resource capability of an enterprise.  You no longer have to...

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