Online Storage | Cloud Backup
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Cloud Backup

We provide digital asset content backup via a network of cloud servers. Our remote, redundant content storage solutions give you the ability to access your priceless content the world over.

The cloud software platform is designed specifically with managed hosting providers in mind. Give your customers affordable low cost dedicated SANs for your private cloud clients. Deploy virtual iSCSI + NFS virtual SAN storage appliances dynamically and on-demand. Because we offer a pay-as-you-grow model, zero upfront costs make the entry point highly compelling.

Track and Account

Utilizing our cloud license services, you are able to easily track the number of active deployments in the field, giving you the ability to account for hosting revenue with ease. Automated deployment infrastructure eliminates the need to purchase and configure expensive architecture each time a new customer is added. In addition, speed of implementation means you can implement as quickly as demand requires, giving you access to business that previously could have been left by the wayside.

Scale Up, Scale Out

Scale and support thousands of instances with the highly-functional and elegantly-simplified cloud management GUI. Literally scale thousands of instances with dedicated, high-performance SAN/NAS storage arrays. Whether your business involves public or private clouds, the architecture allows for easy scaling at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

While many customers recognize the need for migrating data from outdated formats, they also fail to recognize that a lack of sufficient redundancy and copy of any data they have migrated still holds the risk of being destroyed by hard drive and server failures. Data backup, and in particular video backup on the cloud is an important component for any individual, family, business or educational facility.

The technology has certainly improved for successfully retrieving faulty or failed hardware, but taking the risk of not backing up your valuable files can actually cost you more long term.

Cloud computing represents a new method for managing and consuming electronic hardware and software resources. Often referred to as software-as-a-service, cloud computing gives users, including individuals and businesses the unique ability to utilize apps as a shared network resource. Instead of having to purchase, house and manage software and hardware resources, cloud computing allows for the remote management of multiple resources and applications on a shared system.

Generally, users are only required to pay for the resources they use, instead of having to invest in highly expensive network architecture and support. Touted as “the next big thing,” the cloud is changing the way we interact with one another and how we interact with each other. Companies who offer cloud computing solutions will continue to see an ever-growing demand for these services as time progresses.

Computing in the cloud is much more than just backing up files, but today involves more sharing of resources, including infrastructure. This simply means maintenance, support and application supply are all shared. Shared data centers provide service solutions from a single point of access.

As your company looks to expand and is seeking for cost-saving ways of doing so, please contact us. We would love to discuss options with you regarding our solutions.