Create Your Own Private or Public Cloud

We make it easy to build, manage and grow your own public or private cloud for yours and your clients’ enterprise applications. Here’s how.

1. You pick the server hardware. With our easy-to-use, hardware-agnostic iSCSI software, you simply need to find iSCSI storage hardware that fits your particular project/business requirements. We also can make hardware suggestions, when indecision prevents forward movement.

2. Purchase and install the storage software. The online storage software is built on the OpenStorage framework and more importantly it operates with some of the industry-leading operating systems including Windows, Linux, Apple, Citrix, & VMware. Or, if you have bare-bone hardware from any number of manufacturers including Dell or SuperMicro, feel free to install the software on a hardware-only device. It acts as its own operating system for online storage, but has a myriad of other advanced storage features not had by the competition.

3. Manage your users, volume and storage. Now that you’ve got the hardware and software needed, you are free to manage users, prepare for expansion and extend your system as your company’s (or clients’) needs grow over time.

The growth of cloud-computing has been certainly by over-hyped in recent vintage, but it still remains a growing market. With large potential growth opportunities in “big data,” market leaders are scrambling to gain access to new markets holed up in difficult-to-tap niches. Reaching every opportunity will be difficult to near-impossible. For the would-be pragmatist or even the hard-pushing opportunist, there needs to be tools which will give the ability of lower-level IT managers access to “big data” storage at effective price points so as to sell and resell to potential clients. We help with this process by providing the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) software tools for you to manage your cash flow and save thousands.

What are you waiting for. Get started with a free trial by contacting our sales team today.

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