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Storage Hardware & Software

Universities and colleges often house some of the most extensive video archives in the world. They are also home to a difficult-to-target demographic. Fortunately, the integration and installation services we provide help to alleviate needs relative to digital media in educational environments. These institutional houses of learning are replete with data, video, audio and other files which are quickly falling into obsolescence. In addition, without the proper backup and storage mechanisms in place, such media assets will be subject to destruction in the event of a major natural disaster, fire or other unforeseen event.

Performing a media migration along with a redundant file backup for files currently housed in university libraries and vaults is an absolutely essential piece for preserving priceless historical video and audio records. Our expert team of video archivists will work with your institution to help perform all the necessary technical migration processes while ensuring your video and audio will be able to withstand the rigors of time and age.

Your files will also have more access than ever before. Each media asset will be accessible from anywhere in the world and on nearly any network device imaginable. If you feel your organization could use cloud-based media file transition and backup solutions, please contact us.