Online Storage | Software Features
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Software Features

Boasting some of the most robust and comprehensive features of any SAN/NAS ISCSI online storage on the market. For more information or to receive a custom price quotefor your enterprise online storage software needs, please contact us, or simply download your own free trial.
Metrics for Volume Utilization

Enable charge-back accounting based on hourly storage and IO utilization. Metrics can be regularly collected on a scheduled basis based on your preferences.

RAID Hardware Controller Integration

Integrate third party hardware RIA controllers via a dynamic plug framework to leverage the technical and integration capabilities of HP, LSI, Fusion IO and other RAID controllers. Mark universal host spares, identify units and disks, create/delete RAID units, and receive disk failure alerts via email.

Remote Replication

Use LAN or WAN to replicate storage volumes and network shares to another O-S system. Replicate critical work-loads for secure data and disaster recovery.

SSD Optimized

Attain some of the highest IOPs numbers with our integrated LSI FastPath Software combined SLI MegaRAID controllers.

RBAC Security

Use advanced RBAC to indicate and assign specific operations for specific users. Custom administrative controls allow for permission access to user objects, all associated objects or the entire system.

Storage Quotas

Limit thin-provisioning maximization levels and the amount of storage utilization and volumes provisioned. Only one quota is needed per cloud.

Storage Clouds

Divide your storage system into multiple private storage clouds thus allowing for the use of the storage system by multiple user groups. This patent-pending technology increases cloud security by limiting access to cloud resources outside the particular cloud to which users may be assigned.

Host Group Assignments

Combine Microsoft, Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer host groups by assigning to all hosts at once. Host grouping eliminates the need to separately assign multiple volumes to different hosts.

Storage Volume Grouping

Using storage volume groups, the system combines volumes from multiple LUNs with divergent databases for index, data and log files. This improves overall organization and allows for snapshot and cloning on the macro level.

Integrated Scale-Out Management

Integrated scale-out management allows for the scaling of your server environment with dozens of storage systems with the ability to manage them as if they were a single device.

Integrated SSD Caching

Boost random read/write IOPS performance for IO intensive workloads by up to 12x with integrated LSI CacheCade Pro 2.0 technology.

Native iSCI Support

Quite possibly the most easy to use iSCSI SAN available with native support for 1 and 10 GbE network adapters.


Fibre Channel Support

Use QLogic 24xx or 25xx generation of Fibre Channel HBAs to add 4Gb or 8Gb Fibre Channel.


NIC Teaming & Bonding

Join multiple ports to boost aggregate bandwidth usage. NIC bonding and teaming also provides fault-tolerance for disconnected ports, giving access to other available connections.

NFSv3 & NFSv4 Support

With our advanced pooling technology create instant NFS “Network Share” snapshots of on schedule or manually.


Client Support

Windows Hyper-V, XP, 7, 2003, Server, 2008 Server; VMware ESX/ESXi, Apple Macintosh OSX, XenServer 5.x, Linux (all major distros, open-iSCSI & hardware initiators).


Thin & Over Provisioning

Use volume allocation without the need to dedicate storage space until it is required. Use thin provisioning you can make the volume up to 2x the size of the storage pool and add more disk(s) to the storage pool as demand increases later.


Amazon S3 Backup

Use your Amazon S3 credentials to create a cloud container or “bucket” from which to select volumes and make storage backups. Use advanced pooling technology to perform backup operations while the system is operational. Create automatic backup schedules for the volume of your choice.


Auto Data Compression

Compress data automatically, boosting ROI and performance via more rapid read/write capabilities and more efficient and effective storage usage.

Audit Logging

See the who, what, when and where of any change logs in the operations of your appliance(s).


Snapshots of Network Sharing

Instantly create snapshots or snapshots of snapshots with dynamic read/write capability. Use your time sensitive data for assessing recovery points, data-mining, and providing stable backup points.


Data Check Summation

Automatically compute data and meta-data blocks for checks on the integrity of your stored data.

Citrix Essentials Integration for XenServer & Hyper-V

Automate storage management operations for virtual machine deployment, migration, snapshot cloning and replication. Combined storage clouds allow for control of precise resources and volumes managed via our virtual machine admin panel on Citrix Essentials.


Unlimited Target Ports

Readily add additional network ports. Combine with multi-path solutions to protect from path failure and enhance system performance (similar to MSFT MPIO or Linux DMMP).

Unlimited Sessions

Use all the nodes in your Micorsoft Windows Failover Cluster VMware cluster or to connect to a given volume (LUN) without upper limitations on the intiator connection count.


Remote Management CLI

Easily script the management of your storage system(s) using remote management CLI on both Linux and Windows. Custom provision and parsing tools can be used with a simple XML output mode.

Cloud Integration SDK (SOAP/WebServices)

Integrate directly with the storage system for use in provisioning or charge-back accounting. Manager and Remote Manager CLI offer complete integration between one another.

Access From Anywhere

With the IP address of your management application, you can access and manage your system from anywhere. Enjoy lightning-fast speeds of a super cloud without the need to install a single application on your desktop.

Snapshot Recovery

Inadvertently deleted file or bad driver installs can be recovered from previous volume snapshots of the system. Make automatic or manual snapshots of the system before performing configuration changes in case of potential mishaps. Simply and instantaneously recover previously deleted files.

Auto Snapshot Scheduling

Instant recovery is made easy with automated snapshot scheduling. No storage volume or network shares will go unnoticed and snapshots can be instantly promoted to their original storage volume.

CHAP Authentication

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol allows users to assign unique passwords to individual LUNs/volumes so you can be sure your volumes are secure. Change multiple CHAPs simultaneously saving you time and keeping things ultra-efficient.


Volume Resizing

Easily resize the requisite storage volume you need. Access your newly available space through your platform-specific partitioning tool.


Online Pool Grow/Relayout

Grow your storage pools automatically and with no downtime lags by simply plugging in additional drives into the system–a super efficient and time-saving way to operate.


Advanced CHAP Management

We support target/volume CHAP settings, default CHAP settings at the user level and the storage cloud level.


RAID Layouts

Create storage pools at any major RAID level. Storage volumes created within a pool inherit storage pool layout properties. Thin-provisioning also allows for the creation of multiple 20TB volumes in the same 10TB storage pool.