2” Quad Low Band (PAL & NTSC)
2” Quad High Band (NTSC)

Ampex 2″ Helical (NTSC)

1” Type A (NTSC)
1” Type B (PAL & NTSC)
1” Type C (PAL & NTSC)

1″ EV/UV series (NTSC)

1/2″ CV (NTSC)
1/2″ Shibaden (NTSC)

1/4″ Akai (NTSC)

3/4″ U-matic (NTSC & PAL)

Cartrivision (NTSC)

V-Cord (NTSC)

Betamax (NTSC)

CVC/Technicolor (NTSC)

Remaster onto almost any modern NTSC format: D1, D2, D3, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP(NTSC & PAL), MiniDV, DVCam, S-VHS, VHS (NTSC & PAL), Hi8. can also transfer to CD-ROM and DVD.


Wax Cylinders – various sizes & speeds

Blue Amberol A. Brown
B. Black
C. White
D. Pathe
E. Columbia
F. Lambert
G. Amberol
H. Blue Amberol
I. Purple Amberol

Pre-Lp Discs – acoustic or electric, 78 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, various speeds, vertical or lateral cut, all sizes.

Acetate A. Berliner Vulcanite
B. Shellac
C. Diamond Disc
D. Velvet-Tone
E. Acetate
F. Etched Aluminum
G. Vitrolac
H. Commercial 78 rpm
I. 16″ Vinyl transcription
J. Vinylite
Etched Aluminum

Commercial 78 rpm

Vinyl Transcription

Semi-Pro or Home Recording Disc Formats

Cardboard-based Acetate A. Cardboard-based Acetate
B. Elcassette
C. Wilcox-Gay
D. Presto
E. Recordio-Disk


Office and Dictating formats

Wire/disc combination A. Wire/disc combination
B. Cylinders
C. Wires
D. Discs
E. Dictabelt
F. Dictet
G. Memovox



45 rpm

45 rpm Discs

LP (33 1/3 rpm) Vinyl Discs

Wire Spools

Webster-Chicago 2″ (lower left)

Standard Phillips/Norelco Cassettes : 1/2 track mono, 1/4 track stereo, 4 track.


Fidelipac A. Fidelipac
B. Muntz
C. RCA Broadcast
D. 8-track
E. Mackenzie
F. 3M Cantata
G. Mono broadcast
H. Stereo Broadcast

RCA Broadcast


Minicassettes and Microcassettes

Reel to Reel

1/4″ reel to reel

1/2″ reel to reel

1″ reel to reel

2″ reel to reel

16mm/35mm sprocketed magnetic film.

Preservation Masters and Access Masters transferred to 1/4″ reel to reel, CD, .wav file and other modern digital and analog preservation formats.

Duplication Standards offers competitive pricing for duplication and standards conversions. We offer duplication services to and from:


Beta SP


1″ Type C

Digital Betacam





We can also transfer to CD-ROM and DVD can perform standards conversions to and from PAL and SECAM with VHS, U-Matic, Beta SP, and 1” Type C.

If a tape is restored at and a preservation or working copy is made, offers a discounted duplication cost when additional screening or viewing copies are needed from the master in the future.

Tape Repair

It is difficult to play back a tape that has been physically deformed to a significant extent. can inexpensively replace reels and cassette housing, and re-spool and repair ripped tape and leader. Since magnetic tape is not designed to be “spliced” and the splices will not reliably hold up after continued use, we recommend that the tape be duplicated after it is repaired.

We do not attempt to flatten kinked or buckled tapes because of the risks of additional damage and the limited chances of success.


[tab label="Cloud Control"]


Enterprise Storage





[tiny] Applications






Industry Sectors








[tab label="A Scalable Cloud"]

On Demand Growth

Management provisioning and storage is performed easily and automatically while connecting all public and private storage units together, allowing them to act as a single unit. Growing is as simple as adding expansion units instead of expensive additional server hardware.

The Power of Public and Private Clouds Combined

Scale up to 1440TB and concatenate to existing storage pools and scale your archive environment to hundreds of petabytes with little effort.


[tab label="Storage for the Generalist"]


Built for the Generalist


Our platform was built with the IT generalist in mind as an easy solution for rapidly scaling enterprise storage needs with the click of a mouse. Three clicks allows for provisioning of a iSCSI storage volume or a NFS network share. Two clicks allows users to assign storage to a host. Because today’s IT environment requires rapid and quick moves, we’ve built our system to work along with the speed of business.


Storage for the Masses


Like their larger counterparts small and medium businesses are finding the need to scale and store data like never before. Our enterprise software includes thin-provisioning and user interface management that is simplified enough for a Johnny-come-lately to run load testing and thin-provisioning in a flash.


Rapid Deployment


The ease of rapidly deploying VSAs en masse provides even the most nascent IT manager the power to scale in quick succession.



[tab label="Total Backup Control"]

Enterprise Backup

The increase demand of high performance archiving applications requires more than a run-of-the-mill software solution. With scalability of 810TB per system in just 26U of total rack space, our high efficiency platform is cost effective for nearly any application and allows for simple and easy scaled usage as your storage needs grow.

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