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Online Storage for Government Agencies

Workflows within government agencies differ as frequently as the agencies themselves. Common storage challenges abound regardless of the infrastructure, application and/or data forms being used. Still, government agencies still required data security & protection, multi-protocol accessibility, full scalability, and robust performance. Luckily, our enterprise storage solution provides government agencies the workflow management software solutions needed for nearly any application including:

  • Full Motion Video (FMV) management and control
  • Electronic document access, transfer and control
  • Graphics management
  • Satellite data transfer and access
  • Radar integration
  • Geo-referencing and control
  • “Big Data” management
  • Biometric and data tracking
  • And many more features

Simple Management

Combine volume management, file system control and RAID into a unified single system, leveraging the power of a complete cloud. From a single easy-to-use GUI, you can intelligently manage petabytes of data as if they were bytes. Our web-based interface is built for the novice IT professional, giving you the ability to manage volumes and nodes simply and easily.

Simple Security

The online storage operating system is able to intelligently manage all data across nodes while at the same time providing cluster delivery in the event of failure. And since no single node fully stores any file, it means failed nodes will cause less damage to filed data. We provide data on a non-disruptive basis, fully complying with government departmental compliance for the highest level of security.