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Storage Hardware

Need a custom storage hardware build? Our experts can provide the right fit within budget.
Custom solutions for your specific storage hardware needs.
Increased Efficiency

With a 180TB per 4U footprint and a low energy consumption rate for storage configurations large and small, we allow for more efficient allocation of financial resources. Typical archival systems offer a much larger footprint and run idly for long periods of time. This problem is solved with our ultra-small and ultra-high efficiency hardware appliance.

Accelerated SSD

Spindle contention in traditional archival solutions often makes small, concurrent, simultaneous backups very difficult to perform rapidly. Luckily our software includes high-performance write cache of 1 to 3 GB and our hybrid SSD caching can allow an additional 480GB of cache at the SSD layer. Thus, performance is greatly enhanced and spindle contention is reduced. We provide our clients with high reliability coupled with excellent performance which allows for simultaneous job backup.

Virtualization Support

Virtual storage appliances are software programs that run on virtual machines which are given blocks of physical storage space on a storage area network (SAN) or direct attached storage (DAS) device.

Typical shared storage infrastructures like Amazon EBS can have spindle contention and bandwidth issues. Dedicated appliances eliminate this issue. In addition, dedicated appliances eliminate co-mingling of multiple users’ data on the same box, giving a much more secure environment for users. Finally, you can use the dedicated virtual storage to thin-provision additional storage on demand using an easy-to-use interface built for the IT generalist.

RAID Hardware Integration & SSD Cache Management

The cloud edition integrates with both off-the-shelf dedicated physical storage appliances and VSA boxes. Our software is seamlessly integrated with all major hardware RAID mainufacturers ( including LSI MegaRAID with CacheCade 2.0) boosting performance for database management and workload virtualization.

Custom Built Server Hardware

Regardless of the environment in which you operate, our advanced solutions will work for nearly on any enterprise storage framework including VMware, Windows, Linux, Apple OS X. We also support NFS, iSCSI and FC on major operating systems and cluster file systems including Apple Xsan.