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Healthcare & Hospital Online Storage & Cloud Computing

Throughout the course of patient treatment, healthcare professionals are consistently collecting video, x-ray and still frame images. As medical image storage and transfer continues to grow, healthcare departments will require improved management systems to store and scale their digital assets. Traditional picture archival solutions can be inefficient and difficult to manage. Healthcare organizations and hospitals can significantly improve operational efficiency and greatly reduce costs by consolidating traditional archival communication systems into a single, united system. Because our scale-out network-attached-storage (NAS) allows for individual departments to share picture archiving data while at the same time complying with regulatory oversight of your data.

Our solution ties traditional file, volume and RAID management into one cluster, allowing for intelligent metadata management across all cluster nodes. Traditional storage clusters allow for data stripping across individual disks within a single device or volume. This can create dependencies and multiple points of failure. Eliminate the operation and management of multiple volumes throughout your hospital management by combining to a single pool. Eliminate downtime and inflexible volumes with a truly scalable cloud. Additional features include:

  • Separate secure storage pools for Picture Archiving and Communication (PACs) needs
  • Combine storage and usage pools as one pool or manage a single pool
  • Dedicate pools using different RAID, SAS, and SATA hardware.
  • Securely transfer data between different data pools
  • Plus, many more features.

Consolidate current departmental storage solutions with a single, scalable enterprise storage solution for your hospital or healthcare facility. Our predictable, advanced features are ready to deploy in most healthcare scenarios.