Online Storage | How Important is Business Agility?
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How Important is Business Agility?

20 Nov How Important is Business Agility?

One cloud computing benefit cloud providers often advertise is its ability to enable business agility. But is business agility really something your business needs or is it just a product of marketing hype?


How about I tell you a couple of things business agility can help businesses achieve and you decide whether they apply to your particular organization? Fair enough?


I take that as a “Yes”, so let’s go.


Extreme scalability


The ability to rapidly scale compute resources in proportion to consumer demand is one characteristic that can be very useful especially for companies who operate in seasonal markets or for those who occasionally experience unexpected spikes in demand.


When you can increase (and subsequently pay for) vital compute resources Рsuch as storage-on-demand, it will keep  your IT spending in alignment with the return and provide you with a healthier cash flow.


Rapid roll-out


Being able to perform rapid roll-outs can give you a significant advantage over competitors in areas where time-to-market is crucial. It will also help you reduce opportunity costs.


Let me give you one simple example. Just like practically all business processes these days, new product development processes largely involve IT systems and IT infrastructure. Sometimes, you would have to reinforce your existing IT infrastructure or even build new ones. Only cloud computing solutions will allow you to do these things at a considerably faster time.


If you can launch a new product faster and get it to store shelves quicker, you can reach potential customers way ahead of competitors and gain the first-in-mind advantage.


Immediate response to risk


Some newly discovered threats can pose significant risks simply because companies aren’t prepared for them. The longer it takes to to counter a threat, the more damaging it can potentially be.


In many instances, the countermeasures are technological in nature and require deployment of certain hardware and software. This is one area where the rapid deployment capabilities of cloud computing can be a big help since it will enable you to set up, test, and ultimately deploy the IT solutions you want in just a matter of hours compared with the usual weeks or even months.

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