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Media Migration

Contact us for a custom quote on your next media migration project.

Through our partner network we provide data center relocation, site destruction/disposal, media content conversion, online storage and project management services to businesses small and large. Our media migration and data center services provide our clients with the extensive project management expertise they require. Our experienced staff hold the knowledge and training required to successfully maneuver nearly any media migration issue which may arise. Data center business solutions require flexibility, advanced communication, specialized knowledge and adaptability in order to successfully migrate through difficult scenarios. Those with extensive experience are able to fully leverage knowledge and relationships with manufacturers, software vendors, resellers and installation teams to successfully complete nearly any project on time and within budget.
We work to supply all the labor and on-site management to ensure your data center relocation and transition is smooth and seamless. Ensuring safety in the movement of data, systems and equipment is our top priority. Safe movement includes equipment auditing, climate-controlled transport as well as constant monitoring and feedback. In addition, we provide the following specialized services:

  • Security Control
  • Ground and Air Equipment Transportation
  • Project Insurance and Bonding
  • Data Center Audits
  • Machine Deinstall
  • Machine Reinstall
  • Destruction and Recycling

Coordinating your media migration project can be a highly technical and time-intensive process, especially without the tacit knowledge required to complete the project efficiently. Vidipax and its network partners work to ensure the transfer of your data center facility is as painless as possible. From initial client and client-partner meetings to full project management and deployment, we help your business continue to do what it does best, while we do what we’re best at: integrating technologies. Let us work as your project management team, working to coordinate operations with technical staff and manufacturers.
Contact us with more information on your next project or for a specific price quote.