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Rapid, Reliable Cloud-Based Rendering

Digital media management companies often require a truly scalable cloud management system for their digital video, audio and image files. The SAN storage of yesteryear has difficulty keeping up on with the fast-paced requirements of today’s video rendering needs.

The cloud can deliver quickly on the growing need for speed in the rendering process for digital video and digital media management companies. When performance and speed are mission-critical features in online storage, the system you utilize should be built with such needs in mind.

Our typical delivery speed is over 1 GB/second sustained sequential reads and writes throughput. Easily edit 2K and 4K streams. With larger configurations or our cloud-managed portal (30+ drives and quad 8 GB FC/quad 10 GbE), you will maximize your efficiency with 2 GB/second sustained throughput. Any system is fully expandable for up to 1440TB per system, giving you the ability to add storage dynamically as the need arises.

Our RAID6 storage layout comes standard with storage pool configurations with a hot-spare for auto-healing, call-home capabilities for detection and notification, and dual-redundancy on both power supplies and expansion chassis. Reliability is absolutely essential for your mission-critical activities and we’ve put all the necessary pieces in place to protect your business and its crucial data.