Online Storage | Retailers Can Use Some Highly Scalable Online Storage
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Retailers Can Use Some Highly Scalable Online Storage

14 Dec Retailers Can Use Some Highly Scalable Online Storage

Retail is one of those industries that experience seasonal spikes in sales. In order to meet the extremely high consumer demand during the peak months, some store owners invest in computing resources appropriate for those times.

The problem with this approach is that these resources remain underutilized the rest of the year. This is one good reason why retailers are prime candidates for cloud adoption.

Cloud computing infrastructures are composed of virtual servers that can be scaled according to the demand. During peak season or peak days – like Christmas Season, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday – virtual servers and computing resources can be significantly increased. And then when the season ends, these resources can be reduced back to normal.

Virtual servers, which are practically just files, as well as the data stored and processed will naturally have to occupy storage space that can immediately expand and shrink in proportion to the demand. In other words, a highly scalable online storage is required to arrive at a robust cloud infrastructure.

Highly scalable online storage is therefore a vital ingredient that would allow retailers to be more cost efficient in their IT spending. When demand and revenues are up, IT spending can also go up. Then when demand and revenues drop, IT spending can also follow.

In a business environment plagued with economic downturns, only the most agile businesses can survive. Those that are too rigid will have to bear expensive IT costs even when sales are lethargic and most of the computing resources aren’t required.

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