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iSCSI Software

Our storage system platform software allows for highly scalable performance, enterprise storage, rapid video streaming, high-density storage requirements, and virtualized database applications run on the 10GbE iSCSI or Fibre Channel ports. We provide three base customizable models, compatible with most operating systems, to fit all of your storage needs.

Scalable Management

If you are like most organizations you probably have existing data stored in both public and private cloud environments, further adding to your networking complexity. With O-S system, you can simply and easily link both public and private storage environments and manage them as a single unit. That’s what we mean when we say our system increases working efficiency.

Undeniably Easy

Our storage management backend allows for easy to use arrangement management of your stored files and other digital assets. The separate tabbed browsing allows you to toggle between storage management, users & clouds, remote replication and cloud backup. Easily set up additional license blocks, custom storage provisioning, and port configurations custom for your particular set up, including http or https in any web browser. An advanced Web 2.0 architecture allows for an experience that operates like a native desktop app, complete with rapid load times and a user interface that’s easy on the eyes.

Create a grid and add systems without the need to install complicated software. Simply login from any public or private node on the system and manage all nodes from a single touch-point.