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Video Backup

The Video Backup Gap

A study we performed indicated that video producers, reel editors and other media architects were under-served when it came to their on-site, remote and online storage and backup needs. Unfortunately, video backup is not the main focus of many of today’s video production and media rendering companies. We fill the gap in your enterprise video backup needs by giving you the right turnkey software and hardware solutions for your business.

  • Storage & video rendering scale-up/scale-out
  • Massive pooling options for large data backup
  • Easy remote access & management
  • Hardware agnostic storage & backup software
  • Both IaaS/SaaS and self-hosted options
How We Help

Simply put, we provide digital video content backup via a network of cloud servers. Our remote, redundant content storage solutions give you the ability to access your priceless content the world over. Whether you need old, outdated video cassettes migrated or simply have newly minted high-definition video content, we work with you to efficiently migrate all of your data and back it up for further use and access.

While many customers recognize the need for migrating data from outdated formats, they also fail to recognize that a lack of sufficient redundancy and copy of any data they have migrated still holds the risk of being destroyed by hard drive and server failures. Data backup, and in particular video backup on the cloud is an important component for any individual, family, business or educational facility.

The technology has certainly improved for successfully retrieving faulty or failed hardware, but taking the risk of not backing up your valuable files can actually cost you more long term.